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Russians Being Russians

It took just 12 minutes for a game between Slovakia and Russia U16 teams to end in horrific fashion. It is still unknown how everything started, but video shows a fight breakout between two players, which then escalated to a screaming match between coaches. Eventually, the Russian head coach walked up onto the Slovakia bench, and engaged in a physical altercation. This sparked the players, and within 10 seconds the entire Russian team had swarmed the Slovak bench, beating on every player they could, as they had the Slovaks out numbered. The Russians eventually took over the whole bench, forcing the Slovaks to retreat back to their dressing room in order to avoid further mayhem. The cops were called and were needed to separate the fight and allow both teams to leave the rink safely. When watching the video, you can clearly see the Russians (in white) attacking and taunting the Slovaks as hockey was far from their minds at this point. Click here to watch full video of the brawl.

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