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The talent left out of the 2018 Olympic games

If there is one thing that all NHL fans can agree on, it is certainly that men’s olympic hockey will not be the same with NHL players competing. Sure, there are some highly talented AHL players that are playing, and certainly some very skilled players over in european leagues that are competing, but we are potentially missing out on some of the best hockey teams to take the ice in the history of hockey so far. With the NHL gaining so many young stars, the options for competitive Canada and USA seem limitless. Lots of us wonder, what would the team Canada and team USA rosters look like if there were to be NHLer’s competing in the 2018 olympic games? Lets take a look at a potential Canadian roster.












There is no doubt that team Canada would be one of the highly dominant teams at this tournament. With that being said, we can never rule out team USA as they have some of their own rising stars. Now we will take a look at a potential team USA roster.





Oshie-Pavelski- Van Riemsdyk







There is no doubt that these rosters added to the tournament would make for some extremely entertaining and fast paced hockey games. What do you think? What players do you think should be in there, and what players should be left out? Let us know!

Attitude Problems

The 2018 draft class is full of top quality defensemen, with Rasmus Dahlin leading the pack. These prospects are sure making the scouts jobs difficult as they all seem to be performing very well, but there is one player who seems to be dropping in the rankings despite his impressive point production. 17-year-old Ryan Merkley of the Guelph Storm is quite a dominant and confident for being one of the younger guys in the league, as he has put up 58 points in 50 games this season. But there are always factors more than just points that go into drafting a player, and that is his attitude. Rumours have been going around from when he started as just a 16-year-old in the league about some attitude issues both in the room and on the ice. Although we cannot say for sure about what he is like in the room, it is pretty obvious that he needs to clean up his act if he wants to be chosen in the top 10 of this years NHL draft.

The most recent evidence of Merkley’s poor behaviour came during the third period of a game against the North Bay Battalion. It was evident that Merkley had been hacked on the hands a few too many times, an action at which many hockey players would get frustrated with, but it was his reaction that had many shaking their heads. Merkley proceeded to wind up, and take a two-handed baseball swing at the player. This resulted in a bit of a brawl on the play, leaving the Storm, who were up 2-0 at the time, short a man for 5 minutes. On this power play, the Battalion scored 2 quick ones to tie up the game and send it to overtime. Guelph did end up winning the game, but that does not take away from Merkley’s actions as many NHL teams grow less fond of the young superstar. Merkley was handed a three-game suspension by the league, which he should be thankful for considering the potential injury he could have caused. Click to read more.

Cutting Down on Video Review

Over the past few seasons there has been constant discussion surrounding the NHL’s video review rules. It is without a doubt that the rules that have been implemented in the past few years are highly disliked amongst most fans (with exception to when Wes Mccauley makes the announcement). The goals that are called back after determining the play was offside by about 1/8 of an inch, the goals that are called back because a player clipped the goalie with his finger as he skated by the net, and the ridiculous amount of time that video review takes are all reasons the fans hate these terrible rules. And the worst part of it, is that they seem to screw up a goof 50% of the reviews, such as Auston Matthews’ goal that was called back because of minimal contact, being followed up by a player laying on top of Anderson and having the goal be upheld. There are so many reasons the fans hate these video reviews, and I don’t blame them. Games are constantly being interrupted and delayed with these ridiculous reviews, and it seems as if the NHL is finally catching on.

As of the All-Star break, there has been meeting amongst NHL officials, coaches, and GM’s with discussion about the possibility of limiting the time for video review. they are looking to speed up the game, and keep the momentum going, as nobody enjoys a fast paced hockey game to be interrupted with a 10 minute delay to try and reverse a call. There is no doubt this will be a big topic of discussion throughout the summer, as it is most summers, but people have high hopes that there will be new rules/rule changes taking place during the off season. Click here to read more.