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NHL to possibly change draft age

For decades now, the NHL draft has been open to 18 year olds, but this might not be the case moving forward. The reason the age was even put down to 18 was due to the fact that the NHL was competing with the WHA, and they wanted to see young starts in the league, such as Wayne Gretzky, instead of them going to the WHA. It allows the young stars such as Connor Mcdavid, Auston Matthews, and Nico Hischer to get out of their junior career and go pro when they are ready. But this rule may be changing soon as there is discussion amongst the NHL about seeing the age back up to 19. This would have a large benefit to the CHL teams as they would be holding onto their star players for another year, making the league more competitive. Click here to read more about the discussion.

Golden Knights Making History

Entering their first season as a franchise, there was a lot of doubt that the Vegas Golden Knights would struggle not only for the first season, but a few seasons following as well. The team, obviously quite determined to prove everyone wrong, came out flying in their season opener, taking a 2-1 victory over the Dallas Stars. They went on to do the same damage to the Coyotes the very next night. With an emotional season opener, falling just one week after the deadly shooting of 58 people in Vegas, the Golden Knights went on to take a 5-2 victory, again against the Coyotes, making them the first NHL franchise expansion team to go 3-0-0 in their debut season. since then, the team has moved to 5-1, making them the first NHL team in their inaugural season to have this record, the last being the Montreal Canadians in 1917, who claimed one of their victories from a forfeit.

This has been quite a remarkable start for a team who was expected to do so poorly. Now we wait to see if the Golden Knights are able to keep up with this unexpected, remarkable start to their season. How do you think they will do? Click here to read more about the Golden Knights.