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OHL Power Rankings

Hockey season has arrived and just as we see every year, many new young names will be rising among the OHL. With that being said, there will be lots of big veteran names that are off to pursue their professional careers in the AHL or NHL. These are the reason the OHL standing fluctuate so much from year to year, and is the reason it is looking like there will be some new top dogs this year such as the Owen Sound Attack, meanwhile the defending Memorial cup champions, the Windsor Spitfires, may have a struggle performing at the level they did last season. Other teams to look out for this season are the Mississauga Steelheads, who are loaded with veteran firepower upfront. As per usual, the London Knights will be contending this year being lead upfront by Buffalo Sabres prospect Cliff Pu. Click here to read up on some power rankings headed into the 2017-2018 OHL season.

NHL Cracking Down on Slashing and Face-offs

Every year the NHL makes adjustments to their rules as an attempt to make the game more fair, make the correct calls, and make the game better. Often these rules gain hate by the fans, but the new rules in the 2017-18 season should put a stop to silly nonsense by the players. One of the new rules, cracking down on the slashing of the hands, has resulted in an extremely high amount of penalties in the pre-season. The rule was set not only for players protection, but to also get rid of the slower players who harass the talented ones when they cannot keep up. Another rule added this year, is the one warning in the face-off circle before receiving a penalty. To some fans, it may seem like a silly reason to give out a penalty, but in the big picture, it is an attempt to get rid of all the nonsense in the face-off circle before the puck is dropped. Although the NHL has screwed up many times in the past (last seasons offside review ability), it looks as if they made the right decision this season. Click here to read more about other opinions and more information about the new rules.

2017-18 Top Potential Trades

With an expansion team joining the league, and many dominant players not fitting in well with their teams, the 2017-18 season should be an exciting season for trades. Some of the big names to look at for this season are John Tavares, James Van Riemsdyk, Matt Duchene and Evander Kane. With some of these players coming to an end of their contract, there is no doubt we will see some movement, it is just not yet determined where. With that being said, We also have to keep in mind that there are many players soon ending their contracts that have been selected by the Vegas Golden Knights, and they will certainly be willing to give some up for some super star players. To read more about big potential trades, click here.