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Jagr Still Without A Home

The 45-year-old hockey legend is the oldest player to be playing in today’s game, and he sure makes it hard to believe when he steps on the ice every night and performs better than most of the much younger hot shots out there. There is no doubt that Jagr has been slowing down with age as his numbers clearly show, but nobody can play forever. Despite the fact that he scores less goals and puts up less points than he used to, the man is clearly capable of being a strong third line player as he put up an impressive 46 points last season playing with a not-so-impressive team.

So why has he had no offers from any teams? Nobody really knows why. Sure, he is getting old, but why would that make him worthless? in the 2016-2017 season, Jagr put up better numbers that 2010’s first overall pick, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who is getting paid $6 million per year by the Edmonton Oilers. Not only does he still put up some decent stats, but he has 23 years of NHL experience under his belt. Pretty hard to argue that he wouldn’t be an excellent team leader to have on and off the ice. Especially for those young teams that could use an older guy such as the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Calgary Flames.

I’m not saying Jagr needs to be signed to a $6 million contract or anywhere even close to that, but why not sign him to a $1 million contract? Not only will he help lead the team and be a good roll model, but he will certainly net some goals here and there to help the team win a few games. As I said, there are some teams that could use him more than others, so click here to find out why these six teams would suit him best.

NHL’s Most Underrated

Year after year there are players that light up the front pages of the news for either their dominant performances or their big slumps, but there are always those somewhat dominant who are forgotten within the mix. Whether it’s because of size such as Tyler Johnson of the Tampa Bay Lightning, or simply because their numbers don’t match up with the stars of the league, there will never be a shortage of underrated players contributing more than just scoring goals or having a large presence on the ice. Click here to see a list of the most underrated player from each NHL team.

NHL Backup Olympic Schedule

The NHL has made it clear that they will not be sending any players to the upcoming 2018 Olympic Games, but many believe otherwise as rumours are floating around that there is a backup schedule with a two week olympic break in it. These rumours have started from Russian players that have been threatening to leave for the KHL for the 2017-2018 season just to be able to participate in the Olympics. Do you think the NHL will give way and let their players compete? Click here to read more.

Guelph’s young superstar

OHL on the Downfall

The OHL, without a doubt, is one of the most prestigious junior hockey leagues in the world. Year after year the OHL sends many players off to the NHL draft, but over the past few seasons, the number seems to continue to drop. in 2015, 57 players were drafted to the NHL from the OHL. in 2016, that number dropped to 48, and continued to drop in 2017 with just 42 OHLer’s selected, despite having 70 projected to be drafted by NHL central scouting. Is the talent for young hockey players in Canada shrinking? Or could it be that hockey is expanding world wide, contributing high caliber players from many more countries? To read more about the OHL’s involvement in the NHL draft, click here.

AHL Players to take on 2018 Olympics

After the NHL’s decision to prevent their players from competing in the 2018 olympic games, millions of fans shared their unhappy thoughts over social media. The NHL has taken away the excitement of watching the highest caliber hockey that is ever played, every four years. This left lots of questions regarding who would be sent to play for team Canada and team USA, but finally, we have an answer. The NHL has released a statement claiming AHL players will be allowed to compete in the olympic games, as long as they are not signed to a two-way contract. Click here to read more about the AHL’s participation in the 2018 Olympics.