McDavid Derby Challenge

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Connor Mc… Matthews?

We have all known since he was a young age that Connor McDavid was going to turn out to be an NHL all star, and one of the best the NHL has ever seen. Next comes Matthews, 1 year after McDavid, drafted by the Leafs first overall, but not quite the same expectations as McDavid. Boy did he prove us wrong. Matthews impressed leafs nation Wednesday night scoring a goal in his NHL debut as a 19 year old. To make things more impressive, Matthews netted his second goal of the season in still his first NHL period. But what is a multi-goal game without a hat-trick? Matthews became the second player in NHL history to net 3 goals in his NHL debut. Clearly tying the record was not enough for Matthews as he went on to score his fourth goal in his NHL debut. Something that has nothing be done before. despite the overtime loss, this jaw dropping performance by Matthews may have been the most impressive show the NHL has ever seen. this leaves us with a question we have to ask ourselves. Is Auston Matthews better than Connor McDavid? Only time will tell.