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Martin Brodeur’s Record Breaking Career

Retiring at age 42, there’s no doubt that Martin Brodeur was one of the greatest goaltenders to ever play in the NHL. Brodeur set multiple records in the NHL which will have him inducted into the Hall of Fame. Brodeur finished his season with a total of 691 wins and 125 shutouts setting records in both categories. He stopped a total of 28928 shots in his 1266 game career giving him a GAA of just 2.24 and a .912 save percentage. To top off these record-breaking stats, Brodeur managed to finish his career with a total of 48 career points, scoring 3 goals and 45 assists over the course of his 22 season career. These incredible stats prove just how good Martin Brodeur really was.

Return of McDavid

It has been a long 3 months for the Oilers without their first overall pick Connor McDavid as he has been out with a broken clavicle. The Oilers were excited to have McDavid back in the lineup, but little did they know he would pick up better than he left off before his injury. McDavid picked up a goal and 2 assists in his first game back along with 2 more assists in his second game back giving him 5 points in just 2 games after missing 3 months. The Oilers average 3.3 goals per game with McDavid and just 2.2 without him. Their power play percentage has also doubled in McDavids return. Looking at these stats, there is no question McDavid is the best player in the NHL and will bring great things to the Oilers franchise. Read more.