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Donald Fehr should be Fighting


Where is Donald Fehr?  He’s not doing his job.

His name would only arise in conversation during any sort of labour unrest in the NHL.  But it made us wonder, where is he these days?   He should be battling the NHL.  The players incomes are tied to league revenues, and the NHL is not trying to maximize that revenue.
Fehr fought hard to ensure his employers  (the players) get 55% of all hockey-related NHL revenue.  Which is great, except the deal assumes the NHL will attempt to maximize revenues.  And the NHL is not doing so.  Here’s why we think this:
  • The NHL has expended tremendous energy maintaining a franchise in Phoenix.  It is a revenue dud.  Hockey in a hot desert market is doomed.  Marketing 101.
  • The NHL has for years shunned the notion of a second team in the heavily populated and hockey-mad southern Ontario market.  Massive opportunity costs annually here.  Millions of dollars that the NHL leaves in our pockets.  Which is great, unless you’re an NHL player.
  • Other duds include Florida and Carolina.  Even the Islanders.  Maybe three teams is too much for one market.
Remember when Winnipeg didn’t have a team?  Bill Daly, challenged by a reporter who asked why Winnipeg wouldn’t make a viable market given the guaranteed sellouts, shot back “But at what prices?  NHL ticket prices?”.   We don’t have to tell Bill that both attendance figures AND ticket prices are much better in Winnipeg than Phoenix.   But Don Fehr should bring it up with him, noting that there are good markets for NHL teams, and poor markets.  It shouldn’t be hard to get it right over a long term.
Donald Fehr is failing the players.  He should be seen to be fighting the NHL on their lack of revenue maximization.

Penalized for Hitting too hard

On opening day of the annual World Junior Hockey Championship the Swiss took a beating on the scoreboard with an 8-3 loss to the Swedes but certainly managed to handout a physical beating on the ice. With 3 crushing hits, the Swiss managed to eliminate 3 talented players on Sweden from the game due to injury, but there was one particular hit on Toronto Maple Leaf prospect William Nylander which started lots of controversy.

Swiss forward Chris Egli has been suspended by IIHF for 3 games for a crushing hit on Nylander sending him to the hospital. He has been suspended for an illegal check to the head after delivering a devastating shoulder to shoulder hit. It was a high-speed collision where Nylander had his head down, full possession of the puck and unfortunately sent him with the hospital. There was absolutely nothing dirty about this and the IIHF has made a big mistake suspending Egli. Watch the video below to see four angles of the hit. Pay close attention to the second angle to get a good view of the hit.

Jaromir Jagr – Hockey’s Ironman

Is this guy unreal, or what?  At nearly 44 years of age this guy is hockey’s gift that keeps on giving.  We’re betting many reading this now hadn’t yet learned to read  way back in 1992 when Jagr starred alongside Mario Lemieux, scoring 69 points in his sophomore year.  That was a lifetime ago.  This guys is a stud, with 24 points in 31 games this season – stats that most others in the NHL aspire to.  Uncle Jag or Papa Jag, whatever you call him, he will eventually be a hall of famer, but what we are more impressed with is his drive and durability, an inspiration for all athletes everywhere.  Check out some of his highlights here.